At the «Minhauzena Unda» resort the Jazz Festival will take place from 20th - 25th July!
Museum of Baron von Munchhausen on 23rd and 24th of June will be closed!
Dear friends, you all are invited to celebrate Munchausen’s museum 10th anniversary celebration in Duntes manor, Liepupes municipality in 32nd of May!
Munchausen's World
"... I am the one who used to be once..." 

History claims that Hieronymus Karl Friedrich von Munchausen was a German and was born in the family of Baron George Otto von Munchausen in the town of Bodenwerder in 1720 as the fourth child. Already at the age of twelve he started to serve as a page in the court of prince Ulrich. When just few years later the prince left for Russia to lead the regiment of cuirassiers, the young baron von Munchausen joined him.

Recreation Complex Minhauzena Unda
Are you looking for spacious premises for a festive event for your employees or partners? Are you looking for the best place for a seminar for a large audience? Stop looking for it! Just come here and have one! Recreation complex “Minhauzena Unda” is at your disposal!
Munchausen’s Museum
The Munchausen's museum is located at the picturesque seaside of Vidzeme in Dunte. It is 8 km from Saulkrasti, about 55 km from Riga, just next to the motorway Via Baltica. The museum of Munchausen is one of the succesful projects of "Munchausen's worl" that develops and improves endessly. They say that Munchausen is the most truthful man in the world. What is the reality? Come to visit us and you'll make sure of it.